Four men get unexpected hilarious response after sending a selfie to their moms

Edduin Carvajal
May 16, 2018
05:50 A.M.
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A group of friends decided to go to a Los Angeles Dodgers game without their mothers and, as a way to rub it in their faces, they sent them a picture.


The image showed all four young men at the stadium wearing baseball caps clearly enjoying the game. As soon as the mothers got that photo, they decided to prank them back.

According to American Web Media, all four mothers got together and did their best impression of the photo their sons had sent a couple of minutes before. They all put on caps and sent a selfie back copying the facial expressions of their children.

One of them even filled a cup with a yellow drink similar to the one her son was having at the stadium.


The most impressive aspect of the photo was that they positioned themselves in the right spots, got the props, figured out the right angle of the selfie, and sent it in little-to-no time.

All that effort was worth it as their sons laughed so hard that they even cried. Even though they knew their mothers liked to make pranks, they never expected that they would get together for that one.

Those involved in the prank agreed that it had to be shared on the Internet, so more people enjoy it. They put both images side-to-side and uploaded it to Reddit. The post became viral in no time.

According to the source, comments like ‘your moms are cooler than you,’ ‘I would join your mothers’ team in a zombie apocalypse,’ and ‘moms rock’ filled the Internet.

Another aspect that surprised many was that the mothers of the young men were friends of each other, something that is not that common nowadays.

Funny or not, those mothers found a way to prank their children back in an ingenious and clever way. Her sons might want to think twice before going to another baseball game without them.