Down syndrome girl teased until 3 boys stop a basketball game to defend her

Apr 27, 2018
02:23 P.M.
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They silenced the group of bullies with one simple act.


As reported by Share Tap, a heartening tale of friendship was recently reported by NBC’s special feature Making a Difference

The episode covered an incident at Lincoln Middle School involving the heroic act of athlete-students Scooter Terrien, Miles Rodriguez, and Chase Vazquez during a basketball match.

Like most boys their age, the trio was interested in dating their female schoolmates. However, one girl, in particular, had a special place in their hearts.

Desiree Andrews, a student of the school with the Down Syndrome, was a friend and an inspiration to the three boys.


Despite her medical condition, she was one of the happiest girls in the school. While she did have speech-related problems, her passion for music and dance more than compensated for them.

She and her father were thrilled when she got selected as a cheerleader for the school’s basketball team. And the three boys were happy for her, too.


During one of the matches, the three teenage boys were resting during a halftime break, when they noticed something unusual.

It appeared that some people from the other side of the court were heckling at Desiree as she was performing. The trio observed the hecklers for a while, then spontaneously decided to confront them.

Without any name-calling or aggressiveness, Scooter, Miles, and Chase walked calmly to the opposite side of the basketball court and asked the bullies to stop the teasing.


Shaken by the confidence, composure, and maturity of Desiree’s admirers, the hecklers stopped teasing her, and the game resumed without any further problems.

While Desiree was delighted to see that her friends stepped forward to defend her, her father was touched by the gesture of the young boys.

The three brave boys were presented with the Musial Awards for Sportsmanship. While the friendship between them and Desiree remains strong, the fathers of the award-winning sons could not contain their pride.