Baby Ember Roloff recently embarked on her first flight — and it was a long one

Apr 27, 2018
11:15 P.M.
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She hasn't even completed a year on earth but has already conquered the skies.


As reported by In Touch Weekly, the youngest member of the Roloff family, baby Ember Roloff, recently embarked her first flight that was headed to Maui, Hawaii. She was joined by her parents, Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff.

Baby Ember had an experience comparable to a pro-flyer as she waited for quite some time at the airport before taking on a six-hour long flight. Audrey managed to document her 7-month-old daughter's experience via social media.

The Little People, Big World star was previously concerned about traveling via air with Ember as she still hadn't completely recovered from her ear infection. Audrey shared her worries with her fans on social media.


The 26-year-old mother shared that she had been taking the help of numerous remedies to get rid of the infection. These included garlic oil, frankincense, antibiotics, and prayers. 

It turned out that Audrey did not need to worry about Ember at all. Ember had a safe flight without any sort of discomfort as the pictures shared by Audrey suggested. You can view the images here.

Audrey had taken a three-week-long break from social media as she spent most of her time working on her book with Jeremy. The couple has officially passed on the manuscript to the publication.

Fans and followers of the heartthrobs will soon get their hands on a copy of the book that documents the duo's love story. 


"The book is essentially our love story. We are spilling never before told tales from our dating journey and all the ups and downs and ins and outs of our love story. We can't wait to share what we've learned from our own dating journey."

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, Facebook,  March 7, 2018

The book dives deep into the couple's relationship including all the successes and failures they experienced as a couple. It will also give their readers a glimpse into the days when they dated and had a long distance relationship.

The couple has also disclosed how they focused on their marriage more than their wedding in the book. The duo intends to help their readers build an impeccable relationship from their first date to their marriage and beyond.