Heartbroken parents take son off life support, but 'miracle boy' wakes up

Apr 27, 2018
10:25 P.M.
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The mother said ‘Stop!’ when she saw the boy’s shocking heart rate.


Daily Mail reported on the miraculous recovery of 4-year-old Dylan Askin, who woke up from a coma when the doctors had given up all hope.

On Christmas Eve in 2015, Dylan started experiencing trouble breathing. The one-year-old was rushed to the hospital, and a team of doctors found out that one of his lungs had collapsed.

The doctors also detected that Dylan’s lungs were covered in cysts and diagnosed the severe condition as Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH).

Unfortunately, the complications multiplied as Dylan became infected with pneumonia. Despite continued efforts to revive his health, his condition worsened with time.


Under medical advice, the family made the tough decision to take young Dylan off life support.


On the auspicious Good Friday of 2016, the devastated parents, the elder brother, and relatives of 2-year-old Dylan came to visit him for the last time.

The following day, the medical staff slowly started the process of turning the boy’s life support off. That is when they noticed that Dylan’s heart rate was suddenly normalizing.

Dylan’s mother Kerry screamed ‘Stop!,’ exclaiming that there was still a chance that Dylan could beat the odds and survive.


Soon, the doctors were shocked to see that a normal heart rate was followed by an increase in oxygen levels and his vitals started stabilizing.

Dylan’s sudden recovery spurt continued over the next few days, and by Easter, Kerry could afford to rest for a while since her young son had shown great improvement.

The overjoyed mother shared that the speedy recovery of her son was nothing short of an Easter miracle.

When she broke the news to her eldest son, who was beginning to learn about Jesus in school at that time, he responded that Dylan may be a divine avatar himself.