Denise Austin flaunts her bikini body at 61 and reveals how she keeps it fit

Apr 27, 2018
11:26 P.M.
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Longtime fitness guru Denise Austin, who recently posed for a cheeky bikini photo shoot, shared how being fit after the 40-year-old mark is achievable for many women.


At the age of 61, this woman is looking as slim, radiant, and perky as she was in her 20s, which made her choice to pose for a bikini shooting really simple.

According to Daily Mail, Austin posed in her swimwear for First For Women magazine, as she revealed some of her secrets to keeping a sexy body for so long.

The Jack LaLanne Show co-host and fitness professional admitted is not as easy to stay fit as it used to be for her, claiming that age plays a big part.

"I'm not immune to weight fluctuations. Like most women at this age, my once-reliable body started betraying me and fat began to accumulate around my belly and thighs," she explained.


The guru revealed that her usual fitness hacks were not working anymore as she aged, but Austin quickly found a solution for this.

Austin spoke to hundreds of doctors and nutrition experts, creating a strategy which helps middle-aged bodies get fitter optimally.


She claimed that switching between cardio, toning and stretching workouts is the key to jump-start anyone's metabolism.

"The secret is constantly changing up your workout so you don't get bored. Mixing up your routine will jump-start your metabolism," she revealed.


Although Austin is an accomplished fitness expert, she doesn't work out as much as many people would think just by looking at her body.

“I’m not an exercise fanatic. With a career and kids, I can’t be. In fact, I do only 30 minutes of official exercise a day,” she promised.

While she promotes cardio and weight training as the main components of a weight loss regime, she also said that stretching is fundamental in oneself's physique improvement.