Man melts crayons in a pan but the result is really unexpected

Apr 29, 2018
03:39 A.M.
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A man cooked up various colored crayons, but he is not trying to prepare a recipe for eating.


A video clip showed a man melting crayons in a frying pan. By the end of the video, he manages to turn it into some spectacularly artistic.

According to The Epoch Times, the man in the video cooks the crayons until they are completely melted. The melted solution of crayon looks quite horrible at first, but, fortunately, the man is not intending it to be eaten by anyone.

After the crayon has properly melted, the man then adds sugar and baking soda into the mix. After properly mixing them, the man allows them to fried so that they gain a dry, powder-like form.

Until now, the man does not give away even the slightest of hints regarding what he is about to prepare for the melted crayons.


He then puts the powder mixture prepared with this process into a cylindrical jar and wraps it up tight. He does it with more than one color and creates several jars out of different colored crayons.

In the final scene, we see the man amid a snowy landscape. He then plants all four jars full of four different colored crayon-powder mixes into the ground.


Then the lights of the jar one after another. Soon, we see colorful smoke coming out of the jar corresponding the color of the crayons that was chosen.

In the video, we see a colorful mix of red, green, yellow, and blue smoke coming out and standing out in the snowy white background of the place.

The visual imagery created by the colorful smokes is simply too beautiful and should impress anyone with an artistic mind.

Thankfully, the man's video clearly showed how we can create our own 'smoke grenades' and go creative with it.