Alec Baldwin’s daughter puts her cleavage on display as she rocks a very low-cut mini dress

Claudine Varela
Apr 30, 2018
06:32 P.M.
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The celebrity daughter makes a stunning entrance at a recent album launch looking bold and edgy in a little black dress.


She may be known as the daughter of famed superstars Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger but Ireland Baldwin clearly held her own when she made an eye-catching appearance during Hayley Kioko’s debut album launch party earlier this month. 


Clad in a daring little black dress with a plunging neckline and thigh-high hemline, the 22-year-old blonde beauty showcased her ample cleavage as well as her gorgeous legs as she made her way to the swanky No Vacancy bar where the event was being held. 

In photos released by the Daily Mail, she downplayed her look with a pair of black trainers and minimal accessories while pulling her hair back in a neat bun to reveal her striking features. Her collection of tattoos on her left arm were also on full display revealing her edgy side.


Comfortable in her own skin, Ireland defended herself from critics body shaming her last year after she posted a series of racy selfies on her social media. Last June, she slammed her detractors daring them to “take it or leave it” when it came to accepting who she is. She told her followers on Instagram, 

“This is who I am, take it or leave it. I am not going to be body shamed for being pale or not stick thin.

“I'm not going to spend hours photoshopping my authenticity away. I'm not going to beat myself up for not looking like someone else. I'm not going to be told that I'm damaged goods because of my tattoos.” 


She admitted to also feeling self-conscious on most days but has learned to love her “every curve and edge,” believing one’s body “should be treated with dignity and respect it deserves.” She further added,

“I want to be as real as possible with everyone that follows me because to be quite honest, what the is even the point of social media if you can't be who you truly are? I'm not here to mindf*** all of you into believing I am something that I'm not.

'I'm forever on a journey of finding my better self and I will continue to work as hard as I can to make MYSELF proud. Today I hope everyone is proud of who they are and can recognize what they can accomplish!”


Ireland has also expressed her individuality when compared to her cousin, Hailey Baldwin. Insisting she has no rivalry with the stunning model, she told Hollywood Life, she and Hailey were completely different. 

“Honestly, me and Hailey have such a different brand and look.

“We just are interested in different things, and she’s absolutely stunning. When I see her in person — she’s still my little cousin. We still rag on each other and joke around and we’re family. That’s really how it is.”

Indeed, the young star knows what she’s all about and is proud of what she truly is and no one can stop her from being herself.