‘7th Heaven’ star shares a photo of her two young kids. They look just like their mom

Beverley Mitchell is happily married with two children, and she seems to be enjoying living life to the fullest. 

After her successful stint as Lacy Camden who television viewers saw transform from a boy-crazy teenager to a mother and a minister, Beverley Mitchell has gotten married. 

Although she has continued acting, none of her roles were as big as that of her '7th Heaven' appearance. 

Recently, she shared an adorable photo of her children in their adorable outfits.

Despite not having any big roles recently, Beverley has no problem being a full-time mom to her two adorable children Kenzie Cameron and Hutton Michael Cameron. 

In a previous interview with Us Weekly, Mitchell shares how car rides with her children Kenzie, 5, and Hutton, 3, are always action-packed, always consisting of the two negotiating in the back seat. 

Beverely shares her two children with husband Michael Cameron, an accountant whom she married in 2008. 

"They literally have full negotiations whether it's a book or a toy. They also do a lot of role playing lately. That's a little strange, but fun."

While Mitchell admits that being a parent is her favorite role thus far, she admits how tough and overwhelming it could all be. 

"I always just try to take a deap breath and know that's a short period of time. Just breathe through it and know that you are doing the best job that you possibly can. We never give ourselves enough credit for being superheroes!"

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