Mom puts little daughter to bed, but minutes later hears neighbor pounding on her door

Manuela Cardiga
May 01, 2018
05:09 A.M.
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A parent's worse nightmare comes true when her baby vanishes from her bed.


An Idaho mother thought it was just another quiet afternoon in her tranquil life. She took her 3-year-old daughter Aubrey up to bed, tucked her in for her nap, and went down to finish up some chores, reported, on the 30th of August 2017.

As soon as baby Aubrey had started crawling, cautious mom, Amber Boone had installed socket protectors, cupboard locks, and baby gates.

She did everything she could to make sure that her home was safe for her little daughter. There was just one small detail she overlooked, and it was to come back to haunt her.

She was startled to hear a loud banging on her door, just minutes after she had tucked Aubrey in. Boone heard a woman scream and recognized her neighbor's voice.


“I think your daughter fell, I think she fell!”

Amber Boone,, 30th of August 2017.

Her next door neighbor had looked through her window and seen that tiny Aubrey was lying in the driveway. Boone  ran outside and found her child  “laying on top of the screen on the driveway.”

The toddler had crawled out of her bed and up to the window, where she managed to open it. She had fallen out of the second-floor window and dragged the window screen with her onto the paved driveway. 

Audrey was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Later she was found to have sustained a skull fracture, and severe pneumothoraxic trauma. She had bone fragments lodged in her eye muscle, a spleen injury, and extensive intestinal trauma.


Boone's one oversight had been window-guards, and this one small mistake almost cost her daughter her life. Audrey has now recovered, but her skull injuries took months to heal and caused unimaginable anxiety to her family.

Boone said: “How did I miss window stoppers or window locks?” she hopes that Aubrey's accident will act as a warning, and raise the alert with parents to redouble their care in making their homes child-safe.