Tragic diagnosis of world famous Grammy winner, Huey Lewis

Fans are worried that the illness might end his music career.

Popular singer-songwriter Huey Lewis has had to pull the brakes on his profession owing to a severe medical condition, as reported by All Cute All The Time.

Doctors have detected that Lewis is losing his ability to hear and have diagnosed his illness as Meniere’s disease.

His growing impediment forced him to cancel his multi-city concert tour, and he opened up about his condition to his disappointed fans and followers.

The star of Huey Lewis and the News shared the tragic health update earlier this month on his social media profile. 

He stated that he could only hear sounds that were coming from a one-on-one setting, including conversations in person and on the telephone.

His hearing ability was almost entirely deteriorated about two and a half months ago, leaving him unable to listen or sing to music playing in the background.

Finding the appropriate pitch has also become cumbersome since the frequencies produced by lower notes are impossible to detect. 

In the hope of stopping complete deafness from taking over, Lewis has consulted leading doctors from the House Ear Institute, the Stanford Ear Institute, and the Mayo Clinic. All the experts have provided the same diagnosis.

The doctors have clearly stated that Lewis seems to be suffering from Meniere’s disease which has left him musically incapacitated.

Lewis emphasized that it hurt him to cancel his shows and disappoint several fans who were looking forward to listening to him live, and even spent money on purchasing tickets. 

The singer assured his fans that he would be channeling his energies on recovering as soon as possible so that he can return to the stage and perform for them.

Meniere’s disease is characterized by several symptoms affecting the overall health and ability of the ears. Apart from the loss of hearing, it may cause vertigo, tinnitus or excruciatingly painful ear pressure.

This condition is every musician’s nightmare since the hearing loss can turn out to be irreversible.

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