Doting mother Serena Williams shares an adorable photo of baby daughter Alexis with cute hairstyle

Claudine Varela
May 01, 2018
07:05 P.M.
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The new mom shares another captured moment in her daughter's life just shortly before she opened up about her fears about her child. 


She has over 40 posts on her own Instagram account and Serena Williams’ 7-month-old daughter Olympia Ohanian has managed to delight her 322k followers every single time. 


Probably the most followed sports baby in the world, little Olympia has been the subject of her mother’s fancy ever since she took root in her belly.  Fans have witnessed her growth on her own social media account the tennis superstar set up the moment she was born. 

On April 13, the daughter Serena shares with her husband Alexis Ohanian once again earned a lot of love from her followers when she posed for a photo as she was learning to take her first steps with a baby walker.  

The “gorgeous baby” as one fan described her, sported a cute hairstyle resembling a Mohawk with just a lump of her curly hair on top of her head and barely any on the sides. 


Though she wasn’t smiling in the photo, she was evidently watching her photographer, possibly her mother, as she was signaled to channel her cuteness to the camera. She was surrounded by her colorful toys that could entertain her for days. 

In a recent article on ABC News, it was revealed that during her latest appearance on ‘The View’, the returning athlete opened up about her fears that her daughter would one day be body shamed just like she was when she was young. In an open letter she penned for her mother in September which she recounted on the show, the first-time mom disclosed how she realized her daughter inherited her arms and legs.

Recalling how she was called a man and accused of using drugs due to her physique, she confessed she feared her daughter may suffer the same fate she had.  But the protective mom swore,


"If anyone were to say anything about Olympia, I would take my tennis racket and I'd be like ... 'Let's talk now. Say it again!'"


Through her mother’s support, Serena proudly revealed she beat her insecurities and managed to show the world who she truly is. She concluded,

"As I got older, I understood that this is me. I love who I am. I love how I look and my body. It created all these opportunities for me, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

With a mother like Serena, there’s no doubt Olympia will turn out to be a strong woman who would rise above any criticism that may come her way.