Mom devastated after discovering two of her 5-month-old triplets stopped breathing

May 01, 2018
09:44 P.M.
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A mother lost her baby allegedly to a situation that has been causing more than 500 American deaths each year.


Sarah Owens, of Bridgend, Wales, lost two of her three 5-month-old triplets while they in their sleep. According to American Web Media, the infants allegedly died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

When Owens went to check up on her infants, she found that Charlie and Noah had stopped breathing. She called the emergency services immediately but despite the effort of rescuers to revive the babies, they did not survive.

The surviving triplet, Ethan, was found to be doing well. But it was hardly a consolation for the distraught mother.

After an investigation, the possibility of sudden infant death syndrome has also emerged. However, it is being believed that carbon monoxide poisoning is the major reason for the babies' death.


The source informed that carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless substance, and it cannot be determined if one is being exposed to the gas at a dangerous level.

For that reason, houses are recommended to have monitors in place that would show if the house is being exposed to a dangerous level of carbon monoxide. It was also informed that more than 150 Americans die every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning.


During the time of Owen's tragedy, she was preparing to move her family because her landlord had sold the home.

The triplets' godmother, Siobhan Boyd, had created a GoFundMe campaign to support Owen during her time of tragedy and 'financial stress.'

Owen is the single mother who had the entire responsibility of looking after her children as well as the household. But she had been doing a wonderful job at handling all her duties.

“Their mum doted on them, she is a lovely girl and a good mother who gets lots of help from her parents. They were beautiful little boys and coming along well,” the source quoted Owen's neighbor Anne Way as reporting.