Struggling with swollen legs? Here are the causes related to inflammation and fluid buildup

May 02, 2018
07:18 A.M.
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The reasons behind swollen legs have been explained.


Experiencing swollen legs is such a struggle since it’s hard to function well if something does not feel right in the body.

Better Me explained the importance of knowing what the possible reason could be behind your swollen legs.

There are a number of reasons and it’s better to educate yourself about them.

The health and wellness sight pointed out that one of the most common reasons why our legs swell is water retention. They added that it is usually in connection with one’s circulation or kidneys.


Poor circulation can be a factor resulting from inactivity or excess weight.

Fluid buildup could also be the cause of swollen legs. Lastly, swollen legs could be from an inflammation resulting from an injury.


A couple of examples for fluid buildup are kidney failure, heart muscle problems, kidney disease, heart issues, hormonal imbalance, Lymph system failure, medication, pregnancy, prolonged sitting, a blood clot, and issues with leg veins.

As for leg swelling related to inflammation, some causes include a torn ligament, Baker’s cyst, broken ankle, broken foot, broken leg, skin infection, arthritis, an infected wound, fluids in your knees, breakability of joints, inflammation of joints, and a sprained ankle.


These causes are only the most common ones. There are also other reasons behind swollen legs in relation to fluid buildup and inflammation.

If you have swollen legs, it would be for the best to go ahead and get them checked by your local physicians. Don’t let negligence be the reason for your condition to turn into something worse.

After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.