Sammy Davis Jr.'s adopted son looks a lot like him & tried to prove he is Sammy's biological son

May 02, 2018
09:21 A.M.
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- AmoMama brings you reports detailed from ‘I Love Old School Music’ which has it that Sammy Davis Jr.’s adopted son tried to prove he was his biological son.


- Our sources say that his reason for this is because of Sammy’s last words as he passed away.

- You have to agree that Mark does look somewhat like Sammy but could Mark be his biological son?


Sammy Davis Jr. is survived by three children: two sons, Jeff and Mark and one daughter named Tracey.

According to sources, Jeff and Mark are adopted at least that was what they were told by their parents, Sammy Davis and May Britt.

They, however, bear a striking resemblance to the late singer which has sparked a lot of speculation as to whether they could be his biological children.


This became even more complicated when Sammy Davis Jr. relayed a message to Mark Davis as he passed away in 1990.

According to reports, Sammy died of Throat cancer in 1990, but his words will forever taunt Mark Davis who were:

‘You are my son.’

Simple words but so weighty!


The message has left us and even more so, Mark confused. Could blood relate him to Sammy?

Tracey Davis who is the biological child of May Britt and Sammy revealed that she never believed Mark was their father’s, but Mark countered her.

He disclosed that he found it hard to believe her statement after seeing that Sammy Davis was listed as his father on his birth certificate.

To lay all the curiosity to rest, a paternity test was conducted on Mark and Tracey, and Daily Mail reported the results.

To see photos of Mark Davis, CLICK HERE


It seems Sammy had only been very emotional as the results proved that Mark Davis is indeed not Sammy Davis Jr.’s secret biological son.

Mark, who is now in his late 50s, related to Daily Mail that because of his not knowing his biological parents, he had had uncertainty ruling his life.

It must have been a relief to finally get that out of the way especially after Sammy’s final declaration.

Do you think Sammy should have made that his final words?

Source: I Love Old School Music