Dancers arrange in a large circle. When the beat starts, their legs move in a stunning way

Manuela Cardiga
May 03, 2018
02:14 A.M.
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High School dance team present a stunning high kick routine and impress their audience and the world


Carroll High School Emerald Belles of Southlake, Texas, presented an incredible a  high kick routine that got the audiences 'cheering and screaming' and launched them into stardom as a video of their performance went viral.

The dance routine was presented a regional high school dance competition. The dancers performed the flawless choreography to the song Sweet Dreams, and their unusual and highly original remix caught the attention of the judges and the spectators.

Their choreography began with the dance team members positioned at various levels while one of the dancers was raised above them in a spinning star lift.


The crescendo took the dancers into their kick line, followed by an impressive leg extension.

The visually mesmerizing choreography then had the team members combining to form the shapes of triangles and squares. The ending was equally impressive when the dancers present a graceful and breathtaking climax to the dance routine.


High kick routine has become one of the favorite events in high school and college level dance team competitions. The high kick division is a combination of dancing and precise kick maneuvers. This is a complex combination of fan kicks, gradient kicks, and coordinated acrobatics.

The dancers are required to present disciplined postures with their toes pointed, legs straight, and backs. This exhilarating and physically demanding sport is becoming a favorite for performers and audiences alike.