Hero woman stands up against cruel kids who bullied man with deformities

May 03, 2018
12:49 P.M.

A woman decided to step up and take some action against children who were bullying and making fun of a cashier.


Mary Katherine Backstrom took to Facebook to share a video explaining how she stepped up to discipline a pair of children who were being rude toward a person with deformity.

According to Liftable, Backstrom was waiting in line at a Target store when a pair of children, whom she guessed were 11 or 12 years old, started pulling out their cell phones and taking pictures of the cashier whose head had deformed due to some kind of injury.

The cashier had staples in his head, she explained, and his eye was 'drooping' because of his deformed head. She guessed that he must have had some kind of 'devastating accident and surgery.'


After she witnessed the children misbehaving with the cashier, she could not let the matter simply go. She explained that despite her 'super non-confrontational' nature, she followed the children outside to talk to them about their behavior.

“I said, ‘You were being very cruel to that man,'” Backstrom said in the video. After her confrontation, the children did stop and apologize for their wrongdoing.

Backstrom then asked the children how they were getting home, to which they replied that their mother was coming to pick them up. So she decided to wait for their mother and confront her as well. However, she was still unsure about how the mother would react to her complaints.


Fortunately, when Backstrom told her everything, the mother actually thanked her for bringing her children's misbehavior to her attention.

“I just wanted to say to the lady whose kid just acted like a complete butthole in Target that you’re a really good mom,” Backstrom further stated in her video.

She then added that if ever her children were at a store somewhere making fun of people, she would want someone to do the same for her children as well.

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