Here's what may happen to body if don't take a shower every day

May 09, 2018
03:53 A.M.

The largest organ in our bodies is our skin, and one thing is essential to keep it healthy


Most people have a daily shower as a routine without even thinking about it, but some who have less salubrious habits may be risking their health and courting some very unpleasant skin ailments

Here is why you need that frequent shower, and how it keeps your skin healthy and glowing

Dead skin forms a layer:

A good scrub exfoliates your skin, and that is essential to keeping it clean and healthy. Infrequent bathing leaves a layer of dead skin on your body which clogs up your pores and may lead to skin eruptions.

Grease develops on the skin:

Particles of dirt that settle on the skin remain unremoved and eventually create a layer of grease. This grease is best avoided by an appropriate cleansing routine with soap and water.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images


Bacteria-related problems:

Normal skin hosts bacteria naturally, but going without bathing multiplies their quantity leaving the dermis prone to inflammations, fungi, or severe infections.

Rashes across the body:

Dirty skin infested with bacteria and covered with sweat is easily inflamed and may develop painful rashes.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Eyes and Ears:

Bacteria on different parts of the body can lead to infections, but the most delicate and vulnerable areas of the body are the eyes and ears.

Plaques on the skin:


Dead skin can lead to the formation of small plaques on the skin, like scales. This unpleasant and unsightly condition is known as dermatitis neglecta.

Feet problems:

Infrequent bathing may encourage the growth of fungus between your toes, and in the toenails.

Dandruff and oily-looking hair:

Unwashed hair and scalp become oily, and may lead to dandruff and other skin ailments.

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