May 04, 2018

Kylie Minogue reportedly has new affair after highly publicized break up with ex-fiance

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Kylie Minogue had the public confused as she was reportedly said to be having an affair with a new man, just after her recent break up with her ex, and this has raised so many questions from the public about her.

AmoMama shares mind-blowing details with you on Kylie Minogue who is reportedly in another relationship with Paul Solomons, just after her recent breakup, as reported by newidea on April 25, 2018.


The director of GQ, who is a creative director in the UK, Paul Solomons is said to be romantically involved with Kylie Minogue, and this has brought about mixed feelings for her fans.

Her recent break up with her ex-fiancé Joshua Sasse was a public mess, and everyone wondered if she would recover from the split up.

It was highly publicized, and so many people felt for the couple who had decided to go their different ways even after being engaged.

An inside proclaimed that Kylie was not looking to go into another relationship in a rush, but was taking her time and enjoying the fuss she had created.



Kylie who was very hurt and left vulnerable after her breakup seems like she is getting herself together again for another opportunity.

A source revealed that she was working on herself, and though she needed more time to herself, she was finally ready to move on.

She also revealed that she did not want the shadows of her past to hunt her present so it was better she took some time off for herself.

The relationship between Kylie Minogue and Paul Solomons had been going on for about two months, and she enjoys spending time with her new lover no doubt.


The duo came to know each other through a friend who thought it best for Kylie to move on with her life.

Kylie is back to her usual self again and is making her relationship work the best way she can.

We at AmoMama share details on Kylie Minogue's past relationship which she considered as a significant loss in her life.

She recounted just how much she had put into the relationship, and the end was unforeseen.

It is, however, good news for herself and her fans that she has decided to move on with her life, and the public wishes her the best yet again.