Salma Hayek, 51, shares stunning photo of herself in a plunging purple dress

May 04, 2018
08:32 P.M.

The 51-year-old actress and diva stunned on social media recently with a daring picture of herself shared on her Instagram page, and she appeared in a dark room with an amazing smile.


AmoMama shares details with you on Salma Hayek, the American Actress who recently took to her Instagram page and shared a picture of herself in a slightly dark room wearing a dark colored dress, yet she looked stunning, as seen on Instagram.


Salma Hayek graced the presence EOF her fans again and made so many hearts leap in excitement at the beautiful picture she posted.

She looked intentionally gorgeous in the picture, and it is unclear if she posed for a photo shoot or was simply taking a snap with her phone.

The picture had a reaction from trends and fans, and it looked like Salma meant business with the picture.

She had a very pretty petite smile on her face, and her face was slightly turned from the direction of the camera.


She leaned against a wall behind her that had her shadow on it and struck a lovely pose for the picture.

The purple gown which she had on in the picture, had a V-shaped neck that did not hesitate to show off her cleavage in the picture.

The color of the dress matched the mood that she was in, and Salma made it known to the public that you can still shine in the darkness.


Her lovely skin tone was the centre of attraction and focus for the public, and do not even get us started on her red lips.

Salma made beauty into something else entirely and the diva is not really done with her pictures that sends excitement across the social media platform.

Salma Hayek who recently signed a deal with Lionsgate. The actress has her name on the lips of everyone around her and they are screaming;

‘We are proud of you'.

The deal was made some weeks ago, and it looks like Salma had her hands full with Lionsgate projects for the rest of the year.

We wish the actress good luck in her career.

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