These 7 signs may mean that your Guardian Angel wants to connect with you

Ksenia Novikova
May 09, 2018
04:13 A.M.

Ancient tales and legends tell us about helpful angels who watch over us and guide us in times of needs. They often leave signs for us to identify them.


Many people believe in the existence of guardian angels although they cannot be seen by our eyes. Ancient lore suggests that these angels are not able to contact us directly but they leave important signs that they are watching over us.

According to Meaww, these angelic figures help us and guide us in the times of need and often manifest signs to let us know of their presence.

Some of these signs as suggested by the online source are as follows:

1. Clouds shaped like angels

Sometimes one may see random could in the sky that is shaped surprisingly like the wings of an angel. Although these are common occurrences, it might suggest that angels are watching over us


2. Pets and babies

Some babies or even pets of the house can also alert us to the presence of the angels. Babies and pets are both considered as pure and innocent souls who can feel the presence of angels better than the others.

So when babies or the pets of the house - especially a cat - is seen concentrating on a specific part of the room or smiling blankly for no reason, it might suggest the presence of an angel.

3. Sparkling lights

Witnessing flashes of light or color - even for a second or two - can suggest the presence of guardian angel somewhere close. Sometimes, these angels even give you signs by making you see sparkling lights out of the corner of your eyes.


4. Coins

Finding coins in surprising and unexpected places is also a sign that your guardian angel is trying to make a contact with you. The more shocking the place of discovery more the chance that it is a sign from the guardian angel.

5. Music

Many people claim that they can sometimes hear a comforting and soothing kind of music coming from within or simply drumming in their ears. This could also be an important sign.

6. Feathers

Ever spot a feather right on your path? The online source suggests that angels may leave this signs to let you know of their presence.

7. Fragrance

Sometimes one may even discover a sweet smell in the air but the source of the scent may be quite mysterious. This is also a sign that the guardian angel is close by.

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