Your birth month could say a lot about your personality, and it's time to check it

Manuela Cardiga
May 09, 2018
01:14 A.M.
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Many people have shown similar characteristics based on the month in which they were born.


Being born in a specific month comes with a unique set of characteristics specific to that given month. Although some characters might be different, two people born in the same month share most of their personalities

Here are some of the personality traits and characteristics specific to people born in different months:

January: Easily bored, fussy, and seldom show any kind of emotions. They take time to recover when hurt and are sensitive as well as down-to-earth.

February: These love-month babies love reality and the abstract. They are intelligent and have changing personalities. They are also attractive, temperamental, shy, and humble.


March: These people have an attractive personality, are sexy, affectionate, shy and reserved. They are also quite secretive but they can be naturally honest, generous and sympathetic.

April: People born in this month are suave, compromising, funny and humorous. They are also known to be stubborn, very talkative, calm and cool.

May: They are stubborn, hard-hearted, strong-willed and highly motivated. They have sharp thoughts, are easily angered but can easily attract others' love and attention.

June: These babies have the best personality and are an absolute pleasure to be around. They love making new friends and can be outgoing. They are also great flirts and are likely to have attractive partners.


July: They are fun-loving people but also secretive and difficult to understand. They are easily consoled, honest and concerned about people’s feelings. Many consider them to be friendly and approachable.

August: They have an outgoing personality, take risks, get fed on attention and have no self-control. But they can also be kind-hearted, self-confident, loud and boisterous.

September: They are active, dynamic, decisive and haste but they tend to regret those actions made in haste. They are attractive and affectionate to themselves.

October: They can be quite chatty and are open to loving everyone around them. They can often lie but they do not pretend to be who they are not. Making new friends is easy for them and they are never too late to recover from some kind of emotional hurt.


November: These people are trustworthy, loyal, very passionate and dangerous. They can be wild at times and know how to have fun. They are known to be playful, but secretive and very emotional and temperamental at times.

December: They are the best-looking people possible. They are known for being loyal, generous, patriotic and competitive in everything. They are impatient, hasty and ambitious. They are easy to talk with but hard to understand.