Jane Fonda has a black daughter. She is stunning and has a brilliant career despite hardships

May 08, 2018
02:25 A.M.
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- AmoMama brings you another side to the story of Jane Fonda as gleaned from Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and ILoveOldSchoolMusic.


- Who knew the American actress had a black daughter?

- Well, as a political activist who also gives back to the community in every way she can, Jane Fonda brought up a strong woman.


Jane Fonda is well known for her outstanding performances in movies she had starred in.

Her charitable works and political activism are also things that speak for her.

If you are an avid follower of empowerment programs and foundations, you would know of Fonda Family Foundation.

Giving and speaking for the rights of human is her way of life which her family had adopted too.

Speaking of family, Fonda has a quite big family through her marriages and adoptions.

The actress has been married three times, but she has only one biological child, Troy Garity and one adopted child, Mary Luana Williams.


Mary Williams was adopted at age 14  into the home of Fonda and her second husband, Tom Hayden.

Growing up was tough for Williams.


Having to live in a family where the mother was an alcohol addict, and the father was poor in a relatively poor environment.

We bet she never knew she'd be relayed to a celebrity someday but that happened anyway.

Fonda's son, Garity talked about how Williams became family during an interview with popular TV show host, Oprah Winfrey.


On 'Oprah's Next Chapter', Garity referred to Fonda's camp as one of the most important phases of his life.

He explained to Oprah saying:

'That’s where I met [Williams] — and hundreds of other kids,'

he recalled.


Garity continued expressing his feelings back then:

'I felt a camaraderie with them. I looked for things that I could have in common with people.'

The young man who was 12 as at the time Williams came into their home said that he as well as his mom are glad that happened.

In his own words, Garity said:

'She was older, which is always cool when you have a teenager who’s actually listening to you.'

Fonda's words about her African-American daughter were:


'She helped me to become whole, I think I learned as much or more from [Williams] as she did from me. But on a psychological level, she helped complete me.'

What a heart-melting story!

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Source: Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and ILoveOldSchoolMusic