Janet Jackson's 3rd marriage ended badly. The problems allegedly started when she had to convert

May 07, 2018
05:37 A.M.
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- AmoMama has learned from The Daily Mail how Janet Jackson’s 3rd marriage never had the promise to endure the test of time, right from the onset.


- The pair called it quits barely 3 months after welcoming their son, 5 years after their 2017 wedding.

- New revelations have surfaced, reemphasizing the fact that their religious difference was part of the main odds.


For Janet Jackson, unfortunately, there seem to have been more lows than the highs of her 51 years.

One may want to question if that is true, considering the fact that her 3rd marriage thrust upon her shoulders the pleasurable responsibility of motherhood.

Don’t listen to the lies, however, because Janet had to bow out with more woes than she could endure, being with Wissam Al-Mana.


5 years after she said began a new journey with the Qatari-born businessman, we could see the sorrows of love turned sour.

No more was she the old Janet that could serenade even the coldest of hearts with her sonorous, sexy voice.

The Janet Jackson that got into her usual energetic performances on stage – cancel out the one with Justin Timberlake – was forever buried.


The singer and actress was buried within the stifling demands of the religious leanings of her younger husband, her appearance being the most concerning reference.

Although the union brought forth her first life ever, Eissa Al Mana, just 3 months before their April 2017 estrangement, her freedom was too high a price.

Beyond the fact that she was restricted in her dressing and had to submit to the conservative ways of Islam, there were other frustrations.

This included how she was beginning to feel like she had to completely give herself over to the religion to keep Wissam.


To see photos of Janet Jackson with husband Wissam Al Mana CLICK HERE


Meanwhile, the control her ex-hubby exercised over the upbringing of Eissa, the answer to Janet’s long-offered prayers, was quite a deal.

In keeping with his conservative choices, he reportedly hired staff to tend to both Janet and Eissa as they made their home in Belgravia.

Janet obviously sacrificed more than was fair, having to reduce the glamour of her concerts, an annoyance that gave way to cancellation many times.

Reports claim that before their mutual agreement to split, Wissam had become a control freak, especially during Janet’s pregnancy.

The divorce seemed a timely answer for her brother Jermaine Jackson, who reportedly concluded she lacked the smarts to run a romance though was brilliant with her career.


Fans are grateful that the split happened and that at least she’s well, even if they’re disappointed the romantic reunion with Jermaine Dupri never happened thereafter.

What would you have done were you in Janet’s 3rd marriage?

Source: Daily Mail