Bullied girl who posted plea in video received overwhelming support from New York Yankees

Junie Sihlangu
May 07, 2018
08:09 A.M.
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Cassidy Warner is a grade four student from Scranton, Pennsylvania. She posted a plea on social media asking for the end of bullying and, in particular, her bullying.


Her written notes that detailed her bullying showed that she felt lonely because of the abuse. Little did she expect that the New York Yankees would rally behind her with their support according to CBS New York.

Cassidy Warner’s mother, Jenn Slater, posted her daughter’s video to her Facebook page. In the video, the 10-year-old could be seen describing how she has been bullied by a group of children at her elementary school in Scranton.

Warner holds up a series of pages that tell her story. She shared that she’s has been bullied since the first grade.


Warner has been the target of a group of children who ‘hit me, kicked me, pulled my hair, pushed me, stepped on me, spit on me.’ CBS2’s Steve Overmyer has reported that in the two weeks since it was released, the video has gone viral.

It reached so many people that eventually the New York Yankees caught wind of it. In their effort to show the little girl support, the team posted a similar response to Warner on Facebook and Twitter.

The video starts with CC Sabathia holding up a note that says he and his teammates care about Warner. One by one, other Yankee players hold up notes with one stating that she has shown courage and strength by sharing her story.


‘We may be older than you, we may be taller than you, but we want you to know we look up to you. You are not alone! Count the New York Yankees among your friends!’ the team’s notes read.

‘They threaten to kill me and they tell me to kill myself. I feel so alone. I feel like I have no one. It hurts.’


Cassidy Warner, Facebook, 2018

The Yankees even said that they were saving a seat for Warner at their lunch table in the clubhouse. They added notes that informed the little girl that they had her back.

Hugh Jackman also noticed the girl’s plea and took the time to post a message of support. He told Warner that she was loved, special and smart.

The actor added that bullying was not ok. Warner shared that the Scranton school district has done very little to help stop the abuse.

Instead, they changed her recess so that she doesn’t join other children accept in class. This hasn’t stopped the problem as the bullying has continued during class.


If the teacher calls on her to answer a question and she gets it wrong, the bullies call her dumb and other derogatory words. Warner revealed that the teacher just ignores it.

Slater told Overmyer that they’ve had a meeting with the superintendent on two occasions to no avail. It seems the school district’s main concern is bad publicity but they haven’t punished the students who bullied her daughter.

Despite all this, Warner is looking forward to meeting the Yankees and she and her mother are grateful for the support they’ve gotten.