Engaged couple discovered incredible coincidences involving their births

Pedro Marrero
May 07, 2018
12:40 P.M.
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Jamie Frantz and Anthony Burkett found each other on the Tinder dating app, and discovering both of them were born on the same date and place were just the first of many ‘coincidences’ between the two.


It all started when they became interested enough in one another after seeing basic information about each other in their Tinder profiles. It was an intuitive familiarity that prompted them to find out more.

According to Share Tap, they moved on to iMessenger to get to know each other better, and it was Frantz who first noticed a detail on Burkett’s email address that pointed out to an incredible coincidence.

Burkett’s email address was ‘Burkette11493.’ It is very common for people using numbers in their email address, and frequently people choose meaningful numbers on them, in order to better remember it.

But Frantz suspicion that those numbers were Burkett’s birth date, was not a little thing, because it wasn’t any birth to her, it was her own birth date.


Since she already was fond of Burkett, the idea of both sharing birth dates was appealing to her and it served as an auspicious sign. She asked him and it turned out that they both were born on January 14, 1993.


Considering they grew up in towns that were only 20 miles apart Frantz, who was baffled enough with this discovery, soon became curious about where exactly Burkett was born.


The two were astonished to know that they were both born at the East Jefferson Hospital in Louisiana. They probably even shared a baby nursery 25 years earlier. This knowledge certainly caught the interest of both of them.The impressive discovery convinced Frantz and Burkett that it was time for them to meet in person for the first time and take further steps to get to know each other more.


After meeting in real life and feeling an immediate connection, they continued to find out more and more coincidences in their lives. It was too much for this two devout Christians to keep believing they were mere ‘coincidences’.

Fueled by their strong connection, and their faith, they were convinced their romance was part of God’s plan and soon became engaged and got married. What an incredible story!