Video footage shows hilarious reactions babies have to toys

These little toddlers' reactions to their playthings are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. 

When children are small, they love to play with anything and everything they can get their hands on, whether it is a toy or not. From parents' cell phones and car keys, to socks, dolls, and building blocks, anything is fair game. 

As shown in a video shared to Facebook, toddlers love to play. And the stimulation they get from doing so is great for their growing bodies and developing brains

But aside from the requirements met in their play, their reactions to whatever toys are lying around is also just too cute for words! 

The video shows a number of different clips compiled from many different tots and their delighted faces to their playthings, and has already received over 34 million views. 

From little ones dancing a jig along to their favorite sing and dancing toy, to a baby absolutely fascinated and delighted by his mother's hairdryer, these toddlers aren't holding back in their sweet reactions to life around them. 

Also featured are clumsy little tykes who can't stay upright in their excitement, the cutest faces of horror at some of the weird and wonderful children's toys available, and the absolute delight at an egg-laying chicken toy. 

There are also some who are in such a grumpy mood that the sheer look of unimpressed on their sweet little faces is enough to elicit laughter!

There's even a furry friend or two to lend a hand to these tots as they enjoy their toys. 

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