Young girl bravely performs Sinatra hit on stage. Audience quickly falls in love with her

Junie Sihlangu
May 08, 2018
05:25 A.M.
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Many people dream of finding their talent or passion in life and some do later on in their years. Sophie Fatu is lucky to be one of the few people to know exactly what she enjoys at a very young age.


The little girl isn’t even 10 yet, but she already knows that she enjoys singing. She doesn’t sing any old song though but always opts for classics according to FaithTap.

Sophie Fatu is a 4-year-old singing sensation. The little girl got noticed by the world when she began singing Frank Sinatra songs on her YouTube account.

Her talent was so amazing that someone eventually picked up on it. She claimed fame when she was featured on the show Little Big Shots.


Her appearance on the show is believed to be her first public appearance. Steve Harvey, the show’s host, had the pleasure of hearing the little angel sing live.

It’s quite evident from the way she sings that she truly has a passion for the art. Fatu loves classics from Sinatra and in the video she sings her favorite song titled My Way.


Besides having an amazing talent, she also has a way of enthralling the crowd. In the video, the violinists behind her accompany Fatu during the song.

Everyone in the audience quickly falls in love with the little girl.


She confidently sings her song even raising her arms up towards the sky at the end of her performance to show just how much she enjoys what she does. Her stage presence is bolstered by her adorable gestures and expressions.

The cute talented girl easily has the crowd eating out of her hand as she mesmerizes them with her bright innocent eyes.


At one point, during her performance, the crowd gets up from their seats to give Fatu a standing ovation for her performance. It’s clear that she’s got great support from her family as her mother sits proudly at the piano, playing the keys for her daughter.

The little girl’s voice is unique she's a treat to watch in action. The skies are truly the limit for this little singer.