Boy who weighed over 400 pounds loses a huge amount of weight

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
02:19 A.M.
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The boy dubbed as the 'world's fattest kid' makes an amazing turnaround to surprise everyone.


12-year-old Arya Permana from West Java, who was proclaimed 'world's fattest child' last year by the Indonesian Worlds Records Museum has made a miraculous weight loss of 182 pounds.

According to NY Post, Permana underwent a gastric procedure in April 2017 to lose weight. A team of doctor and dietician is monitoring his progress and limiting him to a strict diet

Permana weighed over 420 pounds at his peak and was so large that he could barely move from his bed.


“They prevent me from consuming sweet food and drinks, particularly soft drinks,” Permana was quoted as revealing in an interview with Australia Broadcasting Company. "They ask me to eat more fruits and do exercise regularly."

Following the surgery, there has been a dramatic drop in the boy's weight. It has not only made his stomach smaller but he now also feels less hungry. He stated that even six spoons of food now made him full.


Permana is now also able to play outside with his friends and take part in sports. He could never imagine himself doing these things just a year back.

Born at nearly 7 pounds, Permana remained an average size until the age of two, after which his weight began increasing dramatically.


With age, he also grew more obese and was able to eat five large meals per day - a ration that was enough to feed two adults for an entire day. His parents then began worrying about his weight and his eating habits.

After the surgery, however, the parents, Rokayah and Ade Somantri, stated that they were happy to see their son now able to 'lead a normal life.'

In an interview with The Sun, Rokayah stated, "We are very happy to see him leading a healthy life. He is very active and in good health."