Tyler Perry's girlfriend hides body in white see-through cape after revealing death of close person

May 08, 2018
06:56 A.M.
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- AmoMama learned from Instagram that Gelila Bekele, the girlfriend of Tyler Perry shared a lovely picture of herself on Instagram and it is hard to make out her body features.


- Gelila Bekele had to share a picture of herself just after she lost a very close friend, and she was in mourning for her dear friend.

- AmoMama learned from US weekly magazine that Gelila Bekele has birth to a beautiful baby boy and guess what she has decided to name him.



Gelila Bekele shared a lovely picture of herself in a white attire and her hair was covered with a white scarf also.

The picture was taken at a mountaintop side and it looked like she was home for the Easter celebrations.

She acknowledged just how much she missed home and how much she missed gathering with her family members on a special day.

The picture looked like she was going to offer prayers as her hair was wrapped in a white scarf and her entire body was covered.


Gelila Bekele who recently posted a picture of herself showing off her bare shoulders has the social media platform wondering what a good girl she is.

However, something really painful and hurtful happened to Gelila Bekele recently and everyone felt for her when she announced to the public what was bothering her.

Gelila Bekele was unhappy and very taken aback by the death of a close friend of hers who is a model known as Amsale.

She took to her Instagram page recently and shared two pictures of herself before and after the death of her friend who she described as very close to her.


Amsale Aberra is an American designer, best known for bridal dresses, and had just died recently of uterine cancer.

Amsale and Gelila Bekele were very good friends, and Gelila considered her a mother and a very close friend, which made her sudden death a shocker for Gelila.

She shared a picture of herself and Amsale and an unknown friend having a nice time together and included a heartfelt caption.

Gelila's fans hoped she would pull through the difficult time and come back to being herself as they shared their deepest apologies for her loss.


Gelila got her groove back soon enough when she announced to the world that she and her boyfriend Tyler Perry had birth to a son.

She had kept her pregame very private all the while but soon told everyone that she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Aman.

The couple is very excited and happy about the arrival of their baby and decided to share this happiness with the public.

An inside source confirmed that the couple could not wait to have their first holiday out with the child, and that would no doubt happen very soon.

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Source: Instagram, USweekly