Melania Trump's daily eating habits which help her stay in good shape

Melania Trump doesn’t just look good without any effort from her. She actually makes it a point to eat well and exercise to keep her youthful looks.

In past interviews, the First Lady revealed that she believed in balance to maintain her figure. E! News reported that the former model followed a very strict diet daily.

Melania Trump, 48, didn’t just get blessed with an amazing body. She actually works very hard to keep it that way by sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Trump makes it a point to eat seven pieces of fruit a day according to GQ. From them, she gets her vitamins and minerals to enrich her hair and skin.

Her breakfast consists of "a few ingredients and lots of vitamins in it." She frequently opts for a nutrient-filled smoothie or fiber-rich oatmeal.

The FLOTUS supplements her diet with extra vitamins to benefit her hair and nails. She also credited water, moisturizer, and sleep as the key ingredients for her youthful appearance.

"I take vitamins A, C, and E to keep my skin, hair, and nails healthy."

Melania Trump, Bella NYC, 2011

As a former model, one would expect Trump to be pro procedures like botox, but surprisingly she isn’t. Her well-maintained physique isn’t only due to her eating habits though.

She explained, "I love chocolate and ice cream, and I have those things once in a while. It's good to indulge cravings and your tastes once in a long as you balance those things with healthy foods."

At times, the First Lady will have a piece of dark chocolate for a snack or a glass of Diet Coke. Her balance includes her not overindulging in anything.

It has been said, however, that she does have a favorite food namely the chicken parm from NYC's Jean Georges. She probably indulges in it more often than not.

Another thing that Trump is strict about is her refusal to participate in diet fads. The First Lady also makes sure to work out.

She uses ankle weights, partakes in Pilates and tennis. These are the things she used to get back into shape after giving birth to Barron.

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