Spider bite victim threatened to amputate his own leg with chainsaw

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
02:24 A.M.
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Before the operation, Andy Perry thought of cutting off his own leg with a chainsaw because of severe pain.


As reported by Metro, the 46-year-old was bitten by a false widow spider and he had to have his leg amputated.

Perry is said to be the first British to lose a leg from a spider bite.

The incident happened when the former landscaper carried out a fencing job in Thorpe Astley, Leicestershire. Within 48 hours, he fell sick with severe back pain


Suffering from sepsis and kidney failure, he was immediately taken to a hospital.

He was confined at Leicester Royal Infirmary for a week and was placed on a IV drip. He was also required emergency care.

Perry's skin was falling off over the next few weeks due to lymphedema, a painful and debilitating swelling of the leg.

He opted for an elective amputation above his right knee after several appointments with specialists. The operation took place in March.


Perry now has to use a wheelchair and requires regular treatment. The saddest part is, he can't even work or play with his children.

He lives with his wife Christine, who is a police officer, in Huncote.

"I was doing a quote for a job in 2015 and I was coming home at lunchtime to look after the kids because my wife was on shift. But within a couple of hours I started feeling really poorly," Metro quoted Perry as saying.

He added: "I rang the missus to see if she could come home but she couldn’t and the next I know I got a massive ache in the small of my back. I went to bed when she got back, pretty much for the whole weekend and I was throwing up."

The phlebotomist saw two puncture marks on Perry’s ankle and the experts blamed the false widow spider after the blood tests.