Video shows baby's reaction to clarinet as his mother bursts out laughing

May 09, 2018
12:55 A.M.
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This adorable, little boy starts crying every time he hears the sound of a clarinet playing. His mother decided to take a video of him.


The cute boy, who is from Monahans, Texas, can’t help but shed a few tears whenever the clarinet playing begins. On the video taken by his mother, he can be seen barely keeping it together.

At first, he looks startled as he hears the familiar sound. Soon enough, he adorably pouts as he tries his best to stop himself from crying.

The mother, whose name is Shellie, noticed that this happens every time his son hears the music produced by the instrument. She decided to take a video and uploaded it to the internet. She bursts into fits of laughter as she watches her son trying very hard to keep it together.

It wasn’t long until the video became viral with lots of users commenting that the baby is just too sweet and adorable.


There are some tunes that make us emotional. A classical flute player and neuropsychologist named Dr. Eckart Altenmüller decided to conduct a study to answer the question why people get goosebumps from music.

After scanning multiple fMRIs for five years, he reached a dead end and came up with no answer.


Although, he said, “Music is very biographically modulated.”

Another separate study conducted by British psychologist John Sloboda asked a number of participants to figure out what passages of music makes them cry.

He discovered that an ornamental note called appoggiatura was in 18 out of 20 musical passages. 

As explained by The Epoch Times, an appoggiatura is ‘an ornamental note that clashes with the melody just enough to create a bit of tension and dissonance, before it finally resolves into the right chord.’

The note supposedly made the listeners experience some sort of relief that also triggers an emotional experience for them.