14-year-old girl dies in bed. Her mom reveals the unexpected cause of death

Smartphones have really changed the world. Before, we could only use our cell phones to call and send text messages. Now our lives depend on them.

They are our map, calendar, diary, and camera. Everything is there. It is not surprising that it has almost taken over our daily lives and that leaving it at home is almost unthinkable. Our phones are the first thing we take when we wake up and the last thing we stop doing when we go to sleep.

This story published by Newsner, circles around a young girl who did just that. She used to connect her phone to the charger before going to bed and leave it at her side while she slept. One morning, when Le Thi Xoan's mother called her 14-year-old daughter, she received no answer.

The mother insisted several times until she decided to go to the room to wake her up. Once there, she found the girl unconscious. She took her directly to the emergency room, but soon after they arrived the doctors confirmed that it was too late: her daughter had died.

The parents were overwhelmed by the pain and simply could not understand what had happened, because the previous night their daughter had felt good. When they discovered what the cause of the girl’s death was, they were completely surprised.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

The autopsy report showed that her daughter had died from an electric shock. But they still did not understand what happened. Nothing seemed unusual at home until they lifted Le Thi's sheets and found the cell phone charger.

Although it was connected to the phone, it did not function correctly, since part of the cable was completely burned. The parents said that their daughter always charged the cell phone at night, next to her and the police in Hanoi, Vietnam, confirmed that they found a charger burned over the bed

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

The cable also had a broken plastic cover that had been glued with tape. According to a police report, Le Thi plugged the charger into the phone and went to bed, and then she received an electric shock from the defective device.

It is extremely dangerous to charge the phone with a damaged cable. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Never sleep with your mobile in bed, discard broken chargers and always buy original spare parts for your phone.

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