'Big Bang' actress shares behind-the-scenes wedding teasers

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
06:10 A.M.
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With fans excited for the milestone episode, the actress decided to share some sneak photos of what they can expect when they finally say their "I do's." 


The wedding episode of The Big Bang Theory has been highly anticipated since Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) slid his grandmother's engagement ring on Amy Farrah-Fowler's (Mayim Bialik) finger, and on May 10 it's finally here! 

In the build up to the episode, Bialik took to Twitter to share some photos of what fans can expect when Sheldon and Amy finally tie the knot

The tweets were shared on April 23, while the cast was filming the final episode of season 11, the one in which the wedding will take place. 

All three photos hinted at the possible attire that Sheldon and Amy would be donning for their big day. 


The first image showed two images: One of Amy's feet, and one of Sheldon. The bottom of a white dress with lace embroidery could be seen in Amy's under which she was wearing a pair of pointed cream-colored pumps. 

Sheldon's feet didn't disappoint either, as he had opted for a pair of formal black shoes, with just a personal touch underneath: A pair of Flash socks! 


Bialik captioned the shot: "Hers and His #shamy #wedding @bigbangtheory." 

Another picture of Bialik and Parsons hinted that Amy might be pulling out a gift Sheldon gave her early in their relationship: The tiara he bought her after discounting her work in neurobiology.

Given how over-excited Amy was in the episode when Sheldon gave it to her, it makes sense that she has dusted it off for her big day. 


One of the most watched episodes in Big Bang Theory history is the episode where Sheldon finally decides to get intimate with Amy, and their wedding episode is likely to get a similar number of viewers.

Bialik also shared a video to YouTube where she explained how she had felt playing the part of Amy in her role as an excited bride, and how she had dealt with the many complicated feelings trying on wedding dresses brought up.