Golden conure perfectly dances to 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'

A golden Conure is becoming a YouTube sensation because of his ability to dance.

Named Topaz, the adorable bird grooved to the tune of Wouldn't It Be Nice on top of a table.

Two clips of the remarkable perfomance were uploaded on the video-sharing site. One of these clips - the longer version, at 1 minute and 1 second, has been viewed more than 132,000 times.

Topaz has earned massive admiration for his talent

Valentina Protti commented on the YouTube clip: 'Topaz, you don't know how many days you've brightened up just for being you (and for having a wonderful mama or papa that shares your videos on the Internet for us).'

Another YouTube user, glowworm2, wrote: 'This little guy dancing around just made me insanely happy. Thank you, Topaz.'

The talented little bird has gained quite a following on social media.

The Facebook page, Topaz The Golden Conure, has more than 32,000 followers as of May 10, 2018.

The adorable clip, shared on the Facebook page on August 16, 2017, has been viewed more than 27,000 times. It has also been shared 701 times.

Conures are a diverse, loosely defined group of small to medium-sized parrots. They are either large parakeets or small parrots found in the Western Hemisphere.

All living conure species live in Central and South America.

Golden conures are among the most expensive conures. They are priced high and also require high maintenance.

These conures are covered all over with bright yellow feathers, except for the green wing-tip feathers and the greyish horn-colored beak. They live in the drier, upland rainforests in Amazonian Brazil.

Also known as golden parakeets, they are considered a social species. They are known to live, feed, sleep and even breed together.

They mostly feed on fruits such as mango, muruci and acai; and flowers, buds and seeds.

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