Baby Jerry from 'Roseanne' looks so different now and we can hardly recognize him

May 10, 2018
05:27 A.M.
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People still fondly remember the characters from this famous sitcom. But there is one member that has changed drastically in the years since.


The original run of the famous show Roseanne debuted on ABC three decades ago in 1988. Many members of the cast from the series are still popular today, including Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Johnny Galecki, and Sarah Gilbert.

As reported by Closer Weekly, the youngest member of the show at the time, baby Jerry, was actually played by a set of twins. 

The character of baby Jerry was played by twins Cole and Morgan Roberts. They split their time paying the popular role between 1995 and 1997. The twins were now 23 years old.

But since the end of Roseanne, Cole and Morgan have disappeared from the limelight completely, and they haven't spent much time in front of the camera.


Closer Weekly managed to track down the twins on Facebook in an attempt to discover what they are doing with their lives today. 


The publication discovered through the social media site that both Cole and Morgan currently live in California, and that they both go to Santa Barbara City College.

Jerry Garcia Conner was introduced on the show in 1995 as the new addition to the family of Roseanne Barr and her husband, Dan Conner - played by John Goodman.

The couple had named their child Jerry in homage to the late Grateful Dead singer.

The character was written into the script during Season 8 because of Roseanne's real-life pregnancy with her son, Buck Thomas.

She conceived her son via IVF, only three months after her character was shown pregnant on the famous sitcom.

Originally on the show it was announced that she was expecting a girl, but because the actress wanted her life on the show to reflect her real life, the baby was later changed to a boy.