Gayle King 'feels sick to her stomach' after new serious allegations against her close friend

May 10, 2018
07:54 A.M.
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- On Thursday's edition of the 'CBS This Morning,' Gayle King spoke out her thoughts on the latest allegations which reportedly aimed at her good friend and former co-anchor, Charlie Rose. 


- 'Washington Post' reported that there are 27 more women who came forward piling up the allegations against the prominent news personality.

- Gayle King couldn't help but left baffled and displeased with the latest report about the alleged misconducts of her former colleague who she still considers as a friend.


We first spotted the latest buzz on the continuous claims on allegations of sexual harassments and inappropriate conducts against the former 'CBS This Morning' co-anchor, Charlie Rose on 'Variety.'

According to the report, additional 27 women came forward heating up the sexual misconducts' allegations that the 76-year-old former anchor was involved with, as revealed by the news outlet.


'The Post' reported details on the additional claims of allegations of sexual misconducts against Charlie Rose from 27 more women.

These women reportedly claimed that the veteran news anchor allegedly 'acted inappropriately toward them.'

Apparently, Charles Peete Rose Jr. of Henderson, North Carolina allegedly groped their bodies and made 'lewd sexual remarks among other acts.'


Charlie Rose's known-good-friend and former 'CBS This Morning' co-anchor, Gayle King seemingly looked 'distressed' as she talked about the report from the news outlet mentioned above.

She was sitting along with substitute co-anchors, Bianna Golodryga and Anthony Mason, on the anchor table of the 'CBS This Morning' while she addressed new allegations on Charlie Rose. 


Gayle who is about to turn 64 on December 28 expressed her thoughts and affirmed that it wasn't her first time to hear and confront such troubling news on-air about a person like Charlie Rose who she still considers a friend.

The veteran co-anchor of the 'CBS News' was quickly removed from his position in November of last year when the same new publication reported 'detailed assertions' from 8 women on his alleged 'sexual advances and other misconducts.'

According to the report, most of these allegations apparently occurred in 'connection with the former news anchor's production of his evening 'PBS' program. 


Gayle King began her statement about having deja vu over these reports and eventually expressed what she actually feels towards it.

'I have a very bad case of deja vu, I have to say. I feel sick to my stomach.'

She ended up saying, and we quote.

'When the story first broke I said Charlie was my friend and I still consider him my friend. I don’t’ believe in abandoning friends when they’re down. That said, this is very troubling, very disturbing. But you can’t discount what these women are saying.'

 You can watch the video above on Gayle King's full statement about her friend's allegations.


This troubling news definitely isn't the first time that Gayle King has to deal with as AmoMama previously reported that she caught her husband in bed with another woman.

It's a story that she once shared, and just like how she tried to ask herself on how to react or what to do if someone you cared about had done something appalling, we are also left in doubt and asked the same question.

What do you say when someone who you deeply cared about had done something that is so horrible?

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