Obese couple banned from taxis after breaking vehicle's suspension

Ksenia Novikova
May 11, 2018
04:35 A.M.
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An outraged couple who weigh a combined 55 stone claim they have been banned from a taxis firm.


On Tuesday, May 8, the overweight pair were attempting to book a cab and they claim they were told they had been banned because the 29-year-old had damaged two cabs due to his weight.

According to a The Sun report, Marcus Edwards and Taylor Faulkner, from Hodge Hill, Birmingham, use Centrex Cars up to four times a day for rides to and from Edwards mother's home a mile away

This cost Edwards up to £20 per day and he calls himself a “loyal customer” of the firm as he had booked five-seater vans to accommodate his wideness every time he requested the service in the past.

Faulkner, who is 26-year-old and weighs 19 stone, and her boyfriend Edwards claim they have been discriminated against because of their size and are demanding the ban on them to be lifted.


Marcus is registered obese, has cellulitis in his legs, body fluid problems, and has blood clots in his lungs and heart. He explained that he’s obese because of his medical problems and this is discrimination against larger people like him.

Taylor suffers from epilepsy, due to which her body is overweight. She asserts that companies make exceptions for Marcus' health condition, like an airline that awarded Marcus three flight seats to travel to Fuerteventura, where the pair ultimately went for a holiday.

The pair says they both eat healthy foods and only treat themselves to a takeaway once a month. Despite their claims, the British public was less than sympathetic and many jumped at the chance to tell the couple obesity is “a choice” rather than a sickness.


“I do all our home cooked, healthy meals and we might treat ourselves to a takeaway just once a month. I don’t drink alcohol because of my condition and Marcus will only have a drink on special occasions,” Taylor said.

A spokesman for Centrex Cars denied they banned the couple, saying they didn't have any cars big enough to accommodate Edwards' size because he had gained more weight.