Boy nervously takes the stage and sings a Celine Dion song to a standing ovation

May 10, 2018
07:28 P.M.
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This young boy took to the stage with a very difficult song in his repertoire, and shocked everyone with his performance.


13-year-old Abu from Belgium was auditioning for The Voice Kids Belgium with the intent to sing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. A big song for anyone, Abu looked shy and nervous as he faced the watching audience.

As reported by Shareably, the entertainment industry has exploded in recent years with talent competitions that allow people who would once have fallen by the wayside to reach for their dreams and share their talent with the world. 

Talent shows everywhere prove that ordinary people coming from all walks of life can have unbelievable abilities to perform in ways that never cease to amaze judges and spectators alike. 


With his nerves showing, the audience of this particular talent contest was worried about how Abu's voice would sound, and when they heard the opening chords of the song, they were even more skeptical about his ability to handle it. 

My Heart Will Go On was famously featured in the hit film Titanic, and earned Celine Dion a top spot on the charts with the haunting melody. Considering his age and his nerves, it seemed like an impossible song for the young boy. 

Fortunately, he had plans to prove the audience wrong, even adding his own personal touch to the popular tune.

Just as Abu started singing the emotionally charged song, judges Josje Huisman and Laura Tesoro couldn’t help but smile widely, surprised and delighted by the boy’s intense performance. 


Abu was just a few lines into the song when all three judges hit their buzzers. When their chairs turned around, they could hardly believe that this sweet shy child was the one singing like that.

The excited audience couldn't help but offer the boy a standing ovation and Abu wasn’t even halfway through the song.

Once he proved he was in his element, and had the approval of both the audience and the judges, nothing broke his concentration and he continued blowing everybody’s mind with his incredible voice as his confidence grew.