Pink’s sweet daughter shows off a pic with her mommy and they bear a striking resemblance

Monica Otayza
May 11, 2018
12:55 P.M.
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Making sure she doesn't neglect her duty of being a good mother to her children, Pink decided to bring her kids along on tour. And since the beginning, she has been sharing adorable photos of them spending time together during their free time. In a recent photo she shared, she bears a striking resemblance with her daughter Willow. 


Just recently, Pink shared a photo of her daughter Willow posing with a magazine. In the photo, Pink was able to share just how humorous her daughter is. 


In the photo, Willow could be seen smiling while she carried an issue of People Magazine with Pink and her two kids on the cover. 

On the caption, Pink shared her daughter's reaction to being on the cover of a magazine. 

"“So how does it feel Willow to be the most beautiful person in the world? “… “UMM, does it mean I get an extra dessert this week? “– Willow"

Pink's children, together with her husband Carey Hart, have been very supportive. They have been attending her concerts, making sure that they did not waste any time apart while their children are growing up. 


In a video which was recorded by  Pink's husband, their daughter Willow could be seen sleeping while wearing pink headphones during the concert. Amused by how her daughter managed to fall asleep, Pink wrote in her caption:

"I really rocked that sh** tonight #dallas"

Carey and Pink have been married since 2006. Since then, they've shared two children, Willow, 6, and Jameson, 1. 

The little family has been making the most out of their children's young ages, making sure they get to spend most of their time together despite Pink's very busy touring schedule. 


On free days, the family could be seen doing all sorts of activities together, such as bowling. 


Pink gushed about her husband to her Instagram followers during the bowling post, saying he was the most supportive husband she could ever ask for. 

"It’s #husbandappreciationday so I’m gonna do this one publicly. This friggin guy right here BEST DAD. BEST FRIEND. BEST MAN. He’s the glue that holds us all down and together. He’s the best friend a person could ever want. He’s the dreamiest, toughest, most creative, forgiving, flexible, supportive, loving human and I love him with all my heart. @hartluck"

The adorable family also chooses to spend quality time together in their residence, with Pink and her husband reading storybooks for their children and sharing a lot of laughter and sweet memories together.