Fishermen find unexpected sea lion in their net

Rebelander Basilan
May 11, 2018
10:38 P.M.
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The Russian fishermen were surprised when a sea lion wiggles out of the net.


Shared by Worldvideohub on YouTube in September 2015, the fishermen are caught on camera reacting when they haul an unexpected sea lion in their net.

After a long day out in the sea, the fishermen get to haul a big net full of fish, and it hangs up on a rope over the deck. As the net goes up, something massive swells at its bottom.

At first, they couldn't figure out the creature, which was accidentally caught inside. All they know was that it's much bigger than the fish.

The fishermen were confused when it finally frees itself from the net.


In the video, the cameraman can be heard laughing when the sea lion makes its presence known.

The sea lion looked around as it tried to get a feel of the metallic surrounding it has found itself in.

The dog accompanying the fishermen out at sea began barking at the sea lion. But the mammal doesn’t move from its position.

The fishermen then started to spray the sea lion, hoping it will go back into the ocean.

'That sea lion is so lucky that it didn't get pulled up onto a Chinese fishing boat. Would of been slaughtered ,' YouTube user, run-a-muck Aussie 90, commented on the video, which has been viewed more than 55,302 times.


Another user, Eva Nix, wrote: 'I have the idea that he/she is tired and loom. don't do this and let her/him rest on your deck. She'll go off when she's ready. Don't spray them off. When she/he's getting aggressive, you'll feel it. Give her/him fish and other seafood to keep them relaxed..  I know, they look like monsters, but they're so sweet. But keep your distance! '

Sea lions have an average lifespan of 20–30 years. They can go around 16 knots in water and at their fastest, they can go up to 30 knots.