Mother 'ugly' cried when hearing autistic daughter say 'mama' for the first time

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
02:07 A.M.
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Among other things that helped her speak was a special gadget.


Parents of children with disabilities have to face a lot of trials and tribulations, and when the children show any sign of improvement, it is nothing short of a miracle in the eyes of the doting parents.

Briana Blankenship witnessed a similar miracle recently, involving her daughter Taylor.

Taylor is a five-year-old with autism and owing to the complications of her condition, doctors had stated the possibility that she would never speak

It was tough for Taylor's mother to come to terms with this possibility, but she and her husband never gave up on the hope that they will hear their daughter's words one day.


On a typical busy day, when Blankenship was driving Taylor to one of her therapy sessions, she stopped at a McDonald's outlet to grab a bite, as reported by Scary Mommy.


While waiting in the parking lot, she was shocked to hear Taylor's voice from the backseat. Taylor had just uttered the word 'Mama.'

Overwhelmed, Blankenship immediately took out her phone and started recording a video. She urged Taylor to repeat the word, and she did. The proud mother posted the video on social media with an emotional caption.

She wrote that she was crying her heart out in happiness in the parking lot of the eatery, and onlookers, including employees of the restaurant, may be wondering if something was wrong with her.

She confessed that in her pursuit to capture the golden moment, she probably held up the drive-through line, forcing customers behind her to wait till she was ready to resume driving.

However, she did not regret it, as she was adamant about keeping a record of the miraculous milestone.

Blankenship also shared that her entire family, along with Taylor's teachers and doctors had put in a lot of effort for 2 and a half years into helping Taylor speak, and this was a rewarding result.