May 14, 2018

Jessica Simpson is seen with her two adorable children. They look identical to their famous mom

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Recent photos of the singer traveling with her children reveal their unmistakable resemblance to her. One of them amazingly looks exactly like her. 

Jessica Simpson was recently spotted traveling with her family and photos revealed how much her young ones look like her.

Source: Getty Images / Global Images of Ukraine


In the Daily Mail's feature on the 37-year-old star, she was photographed arriving Los Angeles airport along with her husband Eric Johnson and their two children, Maxwell and Ace. Set to embark on a trip to New York, Jessica and Eric, each held on to a child as they entered the busy airport and went along their way.

Looking flight ready, Jessica donned green sweatpants and paired it with a grey hooded sweatshirt.  However, the trendy star matched the sporty look with pointy white heels delivering a fashion statement all her own. 

Meanwhile, her two children who could pass for her mini me’s were also dressed for comfort wearing sweat suits. Six-year-old daughter Maxwell’s was hot pink with rainbow stripes while her four-year-old brother’s was in a shade of blue. Ace also sported a red hat that matched his red sneakers. 


On board their flight to New York, the singer shared a snap of her two children and it was evident the duo inherited their looks from their celebrity mom.   

Sitting inside the cockpit of the plane, Maxwell and Ace pretended to be manning the flight as they each held on to the control panel while posing for a pic.


The siblings sported their mom’s blonde hair making it easier to detect their resemblance to her. Looking closely, older daughter Maxwell with her long hair bore traces of her mom’s features. However, son Ace was the spitting image of his mother. 


The family touched down at JFK Airport towards the evening and it would seem from their arrival photos that their trip was a breeze.  They still sported smiles as they made their way through the busy terminal. Eric later even carried his son on his shoulders as they proceeded to their hotel.