Bar band started playing a legendary Aerosmith song. Suddenly, Steven Tyler joins them

May 14, 2018
03:25 A.M.

Patrons at the bar were shocked when they saw who their unexpected guest artist was as he stepped onto stage.


New Orleans is always a hotspot for live music on any night of the week, particularly down Bourbon Street. But customers in the Famous Door bar on a random Thursday night would never have foreseen who would walk in.

In a video shared to YouTube, a very famous face can be seen on the stage of the establishment, after he was lured into the bar.

Steven Tyler had been in New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival where Aerosmith were touted to appear. But on the Thursday night, he was casually wandering down Bourbon Street.


When a patron in the bar recognized him outside, he ran up to the stage to tell the band who he had just seen. Without hesitation, the guitarist leaped off the stage and ran outside to invite Aerosmith's front into the var.

When Tyler walked into Famous Door, the band immediately started to play one of his best known songs, Walk This Way.

Rather than letting the band have at it, Tyler quickly decided to join them, jumping up on stage to bring the stunned audience his truly unique vocals.

The patrons in the bar were amazed at how their quiet Thursday night had evolved to welcome this famous singer, but none were more elated than the band who were privileged enough to share the spotlight with him!

Fortunately for them, they were able to keep up with the rock 'n' roll star, treating their customers to a wonderful inpromptu performance.

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