22-year-old rising star musician fatally shot

May 14, 2018
07:24 P.M.
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The 22-year-old rapper was slain by unknown men while he was driving his car in his hometown.


Lonnie “Lil Lonnie” Taylor, a budding rapper from Mississippi was killed during a shooting incident on April 29, 2018.

It had only been hours since he posted an update on his social media accounts, including Instagram, when he was shot multiple times in his SUV in Jackson, Mississippi.

His car only came to a halt when it crashed into a home. Reports from the Clarion Ledger suggested that the female passenger with him was not hurt.

According to the Jackson Police Department, suspects are still yet to be identified. Also, no known motive has been revealed by the authorities.


In December 2017, Taylor had an interview where he talked about his big plans for the future.

He was asked by the interview what he would do with the money he earns as a new artist in the music industry.

Taylor replied, "I'd buy a house. I'd buy a house for my family."

The interviewer also asked whether the 22-year-old was into selling illegal substances.


The singer answered that he did not get involved with such things.

Later on, he clarified that he had morals that he stood by as the interviewer asked Taylor if he found the things the people his age are into today relatable.

He added that he was just not interested in “the game on the streets.”


Taylor explained that his priority at the time was to take care of his father. He shared that his mother had passed away when he was young. Through music, he was able to help his four siblings with financial matters.

By the end of the interview, Taylor said, "I want to be the next icon people look up to. I want to motivate others around from where I'm from because not too many get the recognition I do, and I just want to bring that impact to where I'm from and help people out.”