May 15, 2018

Dolly Parton shared the reason she hides her real hair under a wig

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Parton is known for decking up every time she makes a public appearance. She revealed the real reason for her signature makeup style.

72-year-old singer Dolly Parton's incredible frankness about her aesthetic enhancements was witnessed when she sat down for an interview with NBC host Al Roker in June 2003, as reported by Associated Press

She revealed that she started wearing wigs when she realized that her fine hair wouldn't match the persona she developed over the years even if they were dyed.

Parton added that she chose to wear heavy makeup and a wig for every public appearance because she did not want someone to see her and be disappointed. She quipped that the way she is seen by others reflects her 'phony' self.



The I Will Always Love You singer now has a plethora of wigs in her wardrobe. Wearing a wig started out to be a fun experience for her and became a convenient conversation starter.

Eventually, she started to believe that the facade was her best look. She admitted to not being a natural beauty and chose the look to be a permanent one for her.  

The singer has embraced her cosmetically enhanced persona and confessed to fixing any part of her body that she felt lacked perfection. She joked that she looks like a million bucks because she spent millions to get the look.

Parton is fascinated by the fact that despite looking very artificial, she is a very genuine person. She admitted spending a lot of time before putting her makeup and her wig.


The candid celebrity has been so dedicated to her makeup and hair routine that even her manager, Ted Miller, has not seen her any less glamorous than the general public.

Miller said that he may never be able to see Parton as her normal self because she never steps out until she is completely ready.

Parton is one of the most-honored performers in the history of country music. Out of 46 Grammy nominations, Parton has bagged 9 awards.

25 of her albums have been certified as Gold, Platinum or Multi-Platinum Record by the Record Industry Association of America.