Mother flies from Hawaii to surprise her son at his basketball game

Edduin Carvajal
May 15, 2018
01:40 P.M.
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Most mothers will always be proud of the things their children do, no matter their age. The mother of a basketball player knows it, and she always supports him


Her son's team plays in California and she lives in Hawaii, which means that she never gets the chance to see him playing. Things were different this time, though, as she made the trip herself from Hawaii and created a plan to surprise him right before the game.

As shown in the video uploaded by Puglly in its YouTube channel, the mother was sitting on a concrete bench facing towards the stairs where her son’s team was supposed to arrive at the sports center.

One by one, the man’s teammates passed by. Some of them looked at the mother without actually knowing who she was, and others didn’t even turn their heads to see her.


The surprise was almost ruined when a person from the team saw and recognized her. He stopped for a while, opened his eyes and mouth clearly surprised, and was about to say something.

Thankfully, the mother noticed it and asked him to remain silent and keep walking. When the woman’s son was walking upstairs, the person recording the video made a close-up on him and his reaction was priceless.


As soon as he looked at her, he recognized his mother and walked her direction, accidentally tripping and almost falling to the ground.

After that, they shared a big hug for a couple of seconds and exchanged a couple of words.

The man later followed his teammates and went on to play. Known as @dauubrayy and Mr. Doucette on Twitter, he has always shared his love towards his mother.

In 2014, he uploaded a photo on his aforementioned social media account where he and his mother were side-by-side smiling to each other. He captioned that image pointing out that ‘mom Dukes’ was his favorite.