Theresa Caputo frankly responded to those who suspect her of fake readings

May 15, 2018
12:36 P.M.
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Popular psychic medium Theresa Caputo chose to stand up for herself when she was repeatedly critiqued and accused of providing fake readings.


In an interview given to Paper Magazine, Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo defended her skills to communicate with the spirits of the deceased by saying that she is not in control of her powers.

Caputo added that it was neither her fault nor the spirits' fault who communicate with her for having limited ways to leave this life and carry on the burden of guilt into the next state of existence.

According to Good Housekeeping, critics have claimed that Caputo gives 'cold readings' that are based on inputs given by the person who seeks to reach out to a deceased person.

The criticism suggests that Caputo only says relatable things to the person of interest along with very general talking points that can play with the emotions and make her skill believable.


In her defense, Caputo also acknowledged that she encouraged the spirits to tell her things nobody else would know in order to establish the credibility of her skills.

She said that the experiences shared by the spirits belong only to them and cannot be taken away by anyone, even by her to manipulate people into believing that she has made stuff up.

Besides the skepticism displayed by various people, Caputo is undergoing a personal issue as well. The TLC star has openly expressed her difficulties involved in her marriage with husband Larry Caputo.

The pair released a joint statement announcing their decision to end their 28-year marriage.


Caputo also expressed her thoughts on her separation that was announced publicly. She said that when the family decided to do the show, they signed up for sharing every aspect of their life.

Despite the difficulties they have faced in this ordeal, Caputo firmly believes that her choice to keep her life an open book has helped several people undergoing similar problems. 

She shared an anecdote when a fan approached her and told her that he was able to save his own marriage after watching the troubles faced by Caputo and Larry on the show. He confessed to taking help of therapy just in time.