Zach & Tori Roloff slammed by fans after a 'risky' photo of their baby son Jackson

Tori Roloff had to set the record straight after posting a snap of her child on social media.

The reality TV star merely wanted to share a lovely father-and-son moment, but fans believed baby Jackson was at risk.

In the photo, Jackson is seen sitting on his father's lap, while Zach, in turn, sits on a commercial grade lawnmower.

According to Pop Culture, the reason for concern was simply a misunderstanding as some of Tori's followers thought that the lawnmower's engine was running.

An Instagram user known as Sheila White was very vocal with her criticisms. She even returned to the post numerous times to share her complaints.

Sheila White asked the young parents if they 'realize how dangerous that is,' and said that a 'simple bump' could cause the child to fall off and lose his limbs, or that it could result in death.

When Tori's fans asked Sheila to mind her own business, she responded that she's just concerned about the baby's safety because she knows of 'many cases' where children were injured.

However, not all of the comments were negative. Lynne Uutinen said Zach was 'raised on a farm,' and added that he is probably more aware of the safety precautions than the average man on the street.

Another user known only as Maggie said photographing Jackson and Zach on the lawnmower was about 'making memories and sharing experiences.'

She also asked all the naysayers to 'please stop assuming [the parents] are ignorant young people,' and added that she adores this photo of baby Jackson.

Ashley Hallman remarked that her children also help her 'mow the yard.' She added that Tori seems like an 'amazing mama,' and apologized on behalf of all the people who were criticizing them.

Tori later edited the caption to include: 'Guys, the mower wasn't on.'

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