Things a man will only do when he is in love with you

May 22, 2018
11:05 A.M.
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In this day and age, with everything being quick and fast, relationships tend to start quickly and sometimes end quickly as well.


It’s ironic that even though there are many ways to communicate these days, most people refuse to express their feelings freely.

For girls, some find it difficult to figure out how their men truly feel. Although, there is this saying that actions speak louder than words.

There are a couple of signs that can show how much your man truly loves you. Better Me came up with a list consisting of nine signs that your man is very into you.

A man will only do these nine things if he is in love with you:

1.    He is not afraid to share everything with you. He considers you as the most important part of his life. He does not feel the need to be greedy when it comes to you.


2.    He is not scared of a little PDA. When your man is truly smitten with you, he would want to hold hands with you even in public. He doesn’t care if you are with his friends, he will want to hold your hand just to have that connection with you.

3.    During his free time, he would prefer to spend it with you rather than with his friends. He would grab every chance to make memories together.

4.    After being intimate with you, he will want to cuddle and sleep together. He wouldn’t just leave after sex. He wants to fall asleep with you beside him.

5.    When it comes to it, he is willing to make certain sacrifices for you. He will do it voluntarily, too. You wouldn’t even need to ask him.


6.    In hard times, he will show how much he is willing to fight for you and your relationship. He will show you just how much he truly loves you.

7.    A man who truly loves you will always think about your feelings and will never intentionally hurt you. He is sincere in that way. He won’t just say things just because it is what you want to hear. He will say things when he truly means them.

8.    You don’t need to be covered in make up for him to see how beautiful you are. You could be freshly out of bed and he will say just how pretty look. In his eyes, you will always be beautiful.

9.    He loves you when he is supportive of everything that you do. He respects you for the choices you make and the goals you take. He will support you in everything, including your career, your hobbies, and your dreams.